The month of April is Stress Awareness month, and tomorrow April 16th is National Stress Awareness Day! It is simply a coincidence that this day is celebrated the day AFTER “Tax Day”. Stress is something we can all relate to, and we all respond to it differently, but when you come home is when you should be able to leave your stresses at the door, literally!! I am going to tell you nine easy ways to create a “stress-free” home environment.

Entry into living room

A Stress-Free Home Begins At The Door

The last thing you want to do after a long day is walk through your front door, into an unorganized messy entryway. Creating a stress-free home begins at the door. Entryways are notorious for a “catch-all” space. Your mail, keys, shoes, and coats tend to pile up quickly. It is extremely hard to have a spotless home! Take it from this OCD, clean freak mama. Take some time to organize the space and ditch anything that doesn’t belong in the space, or make you feel at ease. Having designated bins for bills, bags, and whatever else you may bring home will help this catch-all room stay organized.

Framed picture with a quote
Place A Quote At The Door For A Nice Reminder

Entryway Affirmations

If you have a favorite quote or affirmation, it may be a good idea to have it printed a displayed somewhere near your door. So rather you are coming or going to make sure your entryway is ready to greet or say farewell.

Scented candles
Find A Candle Scent That Reminds You Of Your Happy Place

Unplug To Unwind

Yes, technology is cluttering our lives and we may not even know it. I enjoy a nice movie to relax sometime, but this isn’t always the cure for stress-filled day. Take some time to ignore your phone, turn off the television and just sit quietly reflecting on all of the blessings you have been given this year. If you have the habit of picking up your phone and scrolling through your apps, consider removing the apps so it forces you to log-in to a desktop. You will spend less time worrying about everyone else and more time focusing on yourself.

Keep It Fresh & Add Some Green

Keep fresh flowers in your home. “Stop in smell the roses”, isn’t just a saying. Smelling flowers can relax you instantly. Try lavender as it is a natural calming plant.

Chocolate piece with cup of tea.
Tea & Chocolates Anyone?

Pull Inspiration From What You Love

Its as simple as that. Save a shell from your favorite beach and place it in your home. Maybe there is a certain smell that reminds you of a place, find it in a candle or essential oil diffuser. There is something out there that makes us all smile, why not find a way to place it in your home. You can pull colors from your favorite places to help create a peaceful environment.

Throw Blanket
A Cozy Throw For You Couch Potatoes

Stay Cozy

If being a couch potato is how you choose to relax, bundle up with a luxurious thrown blanket, the fluffiest pillows, and cushions.

Music Is The Cure

Try the Piano Guys Radio on Pandora or simply the relaxation or meditation radio station.

Have A Zen Spot

If you have room to get away it may be helpful to create a space, just for you. Placing pillows, candles, and affirmations in this space and spending 30min to an hour to yourself can make a huge difference.


Get your rest! People tend to sleep poorly because of the lack of boundary in the bedroom space, so leave your work, and phones at the door. Blackout curtains will also help you sleep better.

Kitten snuggling in a bed
Snuggles With Your Furry Friend

Now kick up your feet and relax with these nine easy ways to create a stress-free home.