Sunshine, fresh air, friends, yard games, campfires, and food grilled to perfection! Tis the season for outdoor gatherings! Outdoor parties are a huge favorite for our family. Not only do we love to R.S.V.P to them, (hint: That’s a “yes!,” to your BBQ invites this summer); But we also enjoy hosting them! The fresh air, ambiance, cocktails and friends.. and well, the deliciously barbecued food are just a few of my favorites! There are a few outdoor party essentials that every host needs when throwing perfect outdoor gathering this spring and summer, parties big or small!, and BONUS!, you can find all of them on Amazon! Check out what I think are the best outdoor party essentials that every host needs! You don’t want to miss this!


If you want people to stick around for a while you must provide a comfortable atmosphere. Seating is essential for the perfect outdoor party, but also what may be comfortable seating for one, may not work for another, it is different for everyone because, well!, we don’t all have the same bum! Have a variety of lounge spaces available for your guests! A hammock can provide the ultimate feeling of relaxation, conversational pieces provide unity, and floor pillows and poufs are welcoming and informal. A large table for six can provide enough room for a pleasant dining experience or a fun game night outdoors! I am a huge fan of picnic tables because they are extremely versatile and come in various finishes and styles. Check out this gorgeous table and chairs from Amazon!, It would be perfect for food and games—> Seating around the fire should be easy to move because we have different body temperatures and some people enjoy sitting far back, and some enjoy melting the bottoms of their slippers like me! Either way, having the ability to control where you sit can make a fire much more enjoyable. Floor pillows and outdoor blankets are perfect for your gypsy friends! Floor seating is inviting, comfortable, and sets the tone for the perfect outdoor picnic. Lastly, a hammock! It’s practically a bed, outdoors!! Enough, said.

Campfire Cozy

Having a campfire is the ultimate outdoor party essential, especially if your gathering may run late into the night. Not only does a fire provide light, but it will also keep your guests nice and toasty during those colder evenings! And who doesn’t like s’mores anyway?! If you host outdoor parties often and are looking for a statement piece in your yard, it may be a good idea to invest in a permanent fire-pit area with rocks, brick, and solar lights. Speaking of solar lights!, Having a few around the fire pit is not a bad idea to help minimize falls and misplaced items! Keep a few cozy throws in a basket or draped over the seats, for that extra touch of comfort!


When trying to create a perfect atmosphere, having several layers of lighting is necessary to achieve balance. Outdoor lighting can be solar lights, candles, and even LED lights/candles.

Eco-Friendly Tableware

I really like the idea of a tabletop grill for the reason pictured. It keeps the food hot, in reach, and ready to go, without taking up too much space! If you don’t have the room or the budget, opt into this tiny-mighty-barbecue grill! Keeping hot food hot, and cold food cold during parties will keep your guest full, and happy, not to mention it will help soak up the yummy summer cocktails juices you’ve mixed up for your guests. Make sure you have ice cold water available to avoid anyone getting beat by the heat. I have also gathered some eco-friendly options for dinnerware, that will not only make cleaning up easy, it will also help reduce your carbon footprint…YAY!! Choose eco-friendly plastic cups as well as biodegradable utensils and plates! Your guests and planet will love you, even more, trust me!

Bug Spray & SPF

Nothing brings a buzz-kill more than unwanted guests! I’m talking about those pesky mosquitoes, silly! Be sure to provide bug spray for your guests or even go above and beyond by placing a bug zapper nearby! Citronella plants and candles are other great alternatives to this buggy solution! Keep some sunscreen around as well to stay protected from the rays! Both are outdoor party essentials!

Yard Games

Bags, ladder-ball, horseshoes are some of my favorite yard games! Now days there are so many to choose from. Keep your guests entertained with one or two options. Games can help even the tightest bunch loosen up!

People toasting at an outdoor party

So wether you are hosting big or small this spring/summer, people will rave about what a great host you were for seasons to come, all because of these outdoor party essential tips and tricks you’ve just read!

Cheers & Happy Hosting!