There is only so much an iPhone and a light-room preset can do to capture and edit your photos. When you are looking to achieve a light, bright, clean, capture of an interior space like the pros! there is no secret. Your approach has to be just that, light, bright, and clean. With this quick read of how to photograph your interiors like a pro, you will be taking better quality images in no time! For example, translucent and “light” furniture are perfect in front of cameras..big and bulky is so last year! Use all the natural light you possibly can for a bright outcome. Clean the room(s) and minimize clutter to avoid distraction. I often photograph our rooms and with it being National Photograph Month I decided to compile a few great tips on how to photograph your interiors like a pro.

How To Photograph Your  Interiors Like A Pro

Intentionally Unintentional

When attempting to achieve the perfect photo of your interior space, you want it to be inviting. It is necessary to plan out the placements of items, think of yourself as a set stylist! You don’t want the room to look “too staged” because you do want someone to want to jump right into the photograph and sit with you on that sofa or have a drink at the kitchen island. It is helpful to take a picture of the space, step back, and then see what sticks out the most to you at first glance. If it catches your eye, it will most likely catch someone else’s eye. I have found this the best way to figure out what seems off balance in the photo, and I always catch a last-minute wire I have to tuck away or hide and outlet temporarily.

Placing fresh fruit, in areas like the kitchen and dining room are simple ways to add pops of color in an aesthetically pleasing way. Choosing a nice throw blanket to place over a sofa or love-seat can make the living room feel warm and cozy. If you are feeling lost, look for inspiration in magazines or online images.

How To Photograph Your  Interiors Like A Pro


If you are attempting to capture an entire room, place yourself in the corners of the room to view as much of the space as you possibly can. You do want to get the floor in the photograph, failing to do so can create an unsettling image as the furniture items will look like they are “floating”. If there are smaller areas to focus on don’t be afraid to zoom in and highlight those objects as well. You can never have too many photographs! Be sure to try several different angles. This may mean getting on your knees and photographing from there!

How To Photograph Your  Interiors Like A Pro


Lighting is extremely important when photographing interiors. Try to photograph on sunny days so you can utilize as much natural light as possible. To avoid too much exposure, do not photograph into the light, and draw the curtains or blinds if needed. If you plan to shoot your interiors often, it may be a good idea to shoot the same room at different times of the day to view what lighting time is best for your home. Rooms facing east should be taken in the morning, and rooms facing west in the afternoon. Rooms with Northern and Southern exposure should be taken when the rooms are their brightest. If you do choose to shoot on a darker day just use the flash setting on your camera.

Marie Kondo Your Space

I know that I have mentioned this before, but I am saying it again.. “De-clutter your space before photographing it!” Move wires, cords, and even your garbage cans. I discuss this a lot when we are preparing a home for staging and photographs. You want very little to be left to be seen except what you want people to not only see, but remember about your space.

I look forward to using a lot of these tips and tricks while I shoot our porch for next month. Photography should be fun and used as a way to express your creativity so keep this in mind when you are attempting to get “that perfect shot”. There is no need to hire someone now that you can photograph your interiors like a pro!