E-design is a service offered by interior designers that is done completely online. Unlike traditional full-service interior design, e-design requires a little bit of work from the clients. This service is a simple, affordable alternative to hiring full-service interior design. E-design works well for homeowners who want design direction and designer expertise, but don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and doing some of the preparation work. If you are an avid DIY’er, e-design may be perfect for you.

E-design is great for…

  • Those who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves & do the work.
  • That person that knows a handyman and just needs a little help with space planning & executing ideas.
  • Someone that is fully isolated..due to covid but still wants a fresh looking space.
  • Those who simply cannot afford to hire a designer at full price but are still looking for a professional’s input.
  • Individuals that have a busy lifestyle & do not want to scour the internet to find selections at discounted prices.
  • People that live out of state.

Why E-Design Works

Besides the fact that we are in a pandemic and are quarantined, e-design works well because there is ZERO contact involved. Hellllllllooooo social distancing. Clients are asked to submit their own photos, room measurements, and inspirational images, as well as respond to a questionnaire provided by myself. The best part about the service is it is all done virtually through a combination of emails, phone calls, texts, and Pinterest boards that will be used to communicate exactly what the client is looking to accomplish with their space. The designer then uses all the information given by the client and bring their vision to life.

What You Get

A detailed shopping list – the list includes pictures, measurements, details, prices, and quantities for everything you’re adding to your space. It even has a link so you can just click and order. It also includes paint colors specifically chosen for your room!

Step by Step written instructions for how to put your room together, where to start, what to do, and how to do it. I tell you what to do first, where to put everything, even how and where to hang art and place accessories. This is a foolproof road map for you as a homeowner. If you like lists, You’re gonna love this part of the process.

Typically in about three to six weeks, e-design services can provide a comprehensive design concept for a room, including images, a floor plan, furniture selection, samples of suggested materials and finishes, and shopping lists for accessories at discounted prices.


E-Design is perfect for clients that live in a different state.

What your Design will include:

  • Vision Board & Color Palette illustrating the look and feel of the room.

  • Detailed Furniture Floor Plan with existing/new items.

  • Room Elevations for window treatment and wall decor.

  • Shopping List, Purchase Information, Design Notes & Suggestions.

  • 1 round of revisions after the initial design is provided.

Once you’ve received your E-Design Plan, it’s time to go shopping, get to work, and transform your space!

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